June 28, 2008

full of dark corners for doing dark deeds

I went to the Brooklyn museum on a whim with my parents, after not being home for what feels like a week, to see the Murakami exhibit. It was alright. Kitchy. They said I couldn't take photos.

Also whilst roaming around the museum, listening to The Anniversary (throwback!), I realize that modern art provides a lot of probably obscure band or DJ monikers...

Adrian, Henry and I are seriously entertaining a go at nightlife minstrels. They wanna go with The ElecTRONS. You know, which is relevant and cute and punny and all that.
But I donno. I think Superflat Jellyfish Eyes is way catchier. At least for a party name...
Either that or combining our own names or initials in some clever way. The only thing I could come up with was Ash. That's lame.

I need income!

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K-Hawk said...

ash isnt so bad when you think about it