June 20, 2008

I wanna make love in this club sandwich

I am watching Sex and the City. It makes me indifferent. Don't laugh at me please.

My feet are so tired. Waiting for the train home, browsing the Old Navy on 34th street, their new stuff is looking suspiciously more and more American Apparel. But cheaper and much more generous with the fabric for non-hipster fatties.


Now your mom can be hip too!


I am so proud of myself for making my most favorite print ever so far! In only 3 hours! Granted I borrowed 3 other screens from my instructor, who is one of the coolest "I'm not a regular professor, I'm a cool professor!" kind of professors.
I love it so so much.

I just ordered a box of 30 t-shirts in varying colors (including "safety green." Use your imagination) to print upon. Go future!

OK Now I am watching Phil of the Future on Disney Channel. Feel free to laugh now. This is a strange show. Doesn't beat last night's back-to-back BBC programing of "Too Ugly to Love" and "476-lb Teenager!" England is a strange place.

NewKid from Silkscreening101:
Totally tossed bedroom eyes all throughout class. This young lad is ballsy I think.
After a second viewing, I have confirmation. He is moderately attractive. I say moderately because he has a nose ring and wears skinny acid-washed jeans. Why is this I wonder?

And then, it is immediately cleared up once he gets on his cell phone.
He is yammering away in Spanish. Spanish from Spain, seeing as he is fair skinned and fair-haired. I am skeptical at once.
No wonder he is so unabashedly staring at me all the time and making me blush and shit. No wonder he wears odd things that are kind of hip on their own but thrown all together look rather unclever (a tee stitched with patches, black acid-washed skinny jeans, a tie for a belt. What does one even call that?). No. Now everything is ruined.

If there's one thing I know about European men, it is that they are pretty much mostly womanizers, egomaniacs, gay, pretentiously foreign, and/or into some really weird shit.
He is still cute. I am slightly crestfallen. His name is Alan.
WHY WOULD YOU NAME YOUR SPANISH FROM SPAIN KID ALAN!? I mean, who are his parents? Honestly now.

In any event, this explains why Alan has a man-tote. It's more of a shopper model. But murse, nonetheless. He prints on it. Some geometric shape over a wavy shape. I talk to him, waiting for the elevator. He has an accent and is soft-spoken. Typical. He asks me if I like electronic music because he is having a party on the Lower East Side and I should come.
This is typical of Europeans. They like their music electronic and their parties on the Lower East Side. I can't recall if he said he's throwing the party, or he's just going to one. It sounds like he and/or his friends are?
This can mean several of several things: He is a DJ, his friend(s) is a DJ, he does coke, his friend(s) does coke, he is hipster eurotrash, his friends are hipster trash.
I just myspace stalked. Yes. It is true. All of it is true. I don't know about the coke.

Ok ok ok. This all sounds very hateful and discriminatory, right? You would be correct. I won't deny it.
Cool makes me uncomfortable. If I have to think too hard about it, it makes me uncomfortable. I just don't like it when people go out and dress to have their photo taken in artsy high contrast ways at parties where the only point in going is to have your photo taken in artsy high contrast ways usually in front of a large white background. It doesn't matter what kind of time you have, so long as it's captured on camera and posted on your Myspace. That sort of thing.
I am convinced we will have nothing in common.

I'm just being Judgey McGee because I was a nerd in high school and wasn't even Cooly McCool in college and I'm bitter. And now I'm just too old to give a shit or make an effort. This annoyance holds no depth.

My birthday is in 2 weeks! It's the first time in 2 years I'll actually be in this country for it. I'm excited. And yet, not really just anxious. I just want a really good party. Multiple parties in multiple locations with multiple people? All I want are my friends and good music and good food and maybe a beach, dancing, etc.


Simone said...

give me that Portuguese man-o-war!!!

a(rossin) said...

Purchase will be here to be your party playground.