June 12, 2008


My hair is looking and feeling pretty wretched.
I can't wait to wash it in the morning. My shampoo comes from a very large bottle with a pump!
I'm breaking out in hives again and I can cry on the train when I want to.
I think maybe I just want to be loved, is all.

This is essentially October 06. Different names, different faces, same zip code. It doesn't matter I guess because the results are precisely the same. I am feeling like I'm going to die alone and I don't know what to do with myself. Except, I do not want to love anybody else because that's what foolish people do who probably have too much time on their hands and no jobs.
So I guess I am asking an unfair sort of exchange then, hm.

I think I'll watch a chapter of a DVD or read a monologue, or read this book of Russian prison tattoos and their meanings I took from my brother's room. Because that's about the limit of my attention span right now. I feel a little weird, really.

Oh I donno. It's 1:57. Don't read this again please. I'm a liar.


Tao Lin said...

okay, we are friends. we should go to atlantic city.

Simone said...

i feel like you do. i could go for days, weeks, and months without seeing him but as long as i knew he was mine then everything would be fine.

btw, m83 is worse than a brit. he's french.

K-Hawk said...

You are very much loved by many, Jenkins.

Anonymous said...