June 9, 2008

sucker for a six-string

I'm making it a point to see more live shows. This April I was lucky enough to find cheap tickets to see She & Him AKA Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. Ok well maybe not so much lucky as sleuthy. A poorly advertised show at NYU- I found it!

I'm convinced that Zooey's voice is the best thing this side of the millenium.

As you can see, she's got a cannon for vocal chords. However, why does she look so bored? Is it me or does she look really uncomfortable? Some dude in the audience kept yelling out things to her, like "You go girl!" and "I love you let's have babies!" It was a small enough auditorium that his voice rang loud and clear. After all, the acoustics were bangin.

BUT that is not all.
Usually I am impatient through the openers. Except that Thao is a genuine socks-knocker-offer. I am also a sucker for female-fronted rock bands. And Asian female-front rock bands. That are good! Because a lot of times that's kitchy aesthetics, but the result is just a little grating. And rock-folk? Acoustic-rock? Folk-rock? Whatever. She's only 23!

Simone and I went to see her perform again at the Mercury Lounge last week. The tall drink of water next to her is Adam "the OK bird" Thompson, a comely bassist. He had the same black Vans as Simone and we were convinced they are probably meant to get hitched because of that. Footwear is a critical foundation to any relationship, no?

In the bathroom stall to the right in the Ladies Room in the Mercury Lounge, there is a graffiti on the wall that made me lol as I kicked the toilet flusher.

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