June 9, 2008

the vagrants will tell you about the good old days

I suppose there are worse ways to start off the summer which marks the last "summer vacation" of my young life. Seasons are no longer dictated by pauses in educational segments. What a drag.
My general plans include: Form a hobby so I don't go insane, get an agent, get a job, go on auditions, book gigs, make more music, hang out with friends, repeat.

I have at least three of those things down.
The other four stress me out whenever I just think about it.

My room remains a mess. I still haven't unpacked everything yet.

I spend hours working on chords on garage band.

And then see real musicians do it better.

Also. I am taking an old people class at SVA so as to print like crazy over the summer and make shirts galore! Dan says I should sell them in Union Square to start off. I may very well do that. I remember seeing another guy doing just that and there were little white stickers with VOTE written in sharpie on them. I asked him what that was about. He said that in order to get the permit to sell there, it needed a political purpose. Hm. I guess I'm ok with that. I'll have to come up with something more clever than that though.

Friday morning at the crack of dawn I found myself sneaking out of Simone and Renee's apt in the East Village, walking 12 blocks to the F station on 2nd Ave, deciding that I'm an idiot and no F train would be coming in time to get me to Brooklyn, and taking a cab to Dumbo for a commercial shoot for Prada's new men's fragrance.

I arrived at 5:30am for $12.90 (not bad) and ate some Dunkin Donuts provided by craft services, filled out some paperwork so I can get paid, awkwardly made chit chat with the other extras. There were only 4 of us. I felt special. Sat in make-up for a minute or two while Alex, the stylist whipped out the Prada. He gave me a silk cardigan to wear before deciding against it. We did a lot of sitting around. Chris, some Suave Commercial-tressed actor reads a Hellboy comic and talks to me about a girl he used to visit to have sex with in Astoria. He had a Buick then.

hair and makeup in the back room of the deli. There was a pool table, some orange light sconces on the wall and tables with stools. Very Tennessee Williams.


The models:

It was supposed to be snowing. It was 60 degrees and so cold.
So it was pretty believable.

Deli has a sense of humor

I sat around for 5 hours and we shot for about 25 minutes and then we were wrapped. I sat at the deli counter with a coke in front of me and Chris sat next to me and we pretend-chatted as the models modeled. In front of Chris was a glass of pink lemonade and a granny smith apple.

Honestly, who gets an apple and a pink lemonade at a diner?

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