July 21, 2008

can you take it with you

Something about this room is really appealing to me. I think it's the large-scale haphazard canvases. It reminded me of an exhibit at the Moma I really liked.

I need to start picking out paint chips and stuff for my room when I move. Throwing away old things. A whole lot of clothes and girly crap accessories. A lifetime of impulse purchases. Probably a bunch of embarrassing boy band CDs from the 90s as well. Sheesh.
We are having a garage sale extravaganza this weekend. Hopefully strangers will want to exchange American currency for used fancy goods.

After Dan came over- on a motorcycle no less- we had a chat, went to a cafe, and I gave him a shirt I made for him for his birthday, and then he was off back to VA. Apparently motorcycling from VA to NY is hard. I still have no desire to ever get on one.

I felt that maybe I ought to go look up this whole "decorating" business, since visiting B's new Williamsburg apartment reminded me I too was moving. Umm it's really overwhelming. Decorating, not moving. But that too probably when the times comes.

I also ended up picking up these mom-jeans shorts (why do my thighs look enormous).

Yeah, my room is a mess. Shut up (why do I have so many pens and pencils).

Oh and does anyone want this desk? I'm selling it.

Going through old documents and deleting things or not deleting things, I realize I miss so much and so many.

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