July 19, 2008

chronological karmalogical

I'm so goddamn tired, this weekend has drained me. And what have I done? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN EVERYTHING AND VICE VERSA.
Oh and Sirenfest was just one big hipster shitshow. I would've just rather gone to the aquarium.

I got hit on by a drunk frenchman standing on the corner of 1st and 1st, waiting for Henry because he's always late. The frenchman had a receding hairline and double air-kissed my cheeks goodbye.
He asked for my email address, after asking where the F station was so he could get home to Brooklyn. How Eurochic.

Silly Frenchy. He totally knew where the station was. And totally did not get my correct email address.

B is the nicest person ever. She is the reason I will travel to Brooklyn alone at 3 in the morning and wake up ridiculously early for a Saturday (9:45?) to go to the cutest pseudo-French cafe I've ever seen (and I've been to France) for breakfast. I am incredibly sleep-deprived and filled with carny food. Ugh.
I want more female friends. Alls I hang out with are dudes. Well so much not anymore.

Tomorrow morning I am waking up ridiculously early for a Sunday (10am) to take my long-lost friend, Dan, out for a birthday brunch before he goes back to Virginia.

I live the life of a homosexual man. An asexual homosexual. Man, boy, guy.


Rachel said...

i hear you. let's be female friends?

Simone said...

i want to be your friend! hey!