July 26, 2008

come and join us in the trenches

I've been listening to The Dodos nonstop since Friday. SOGOOD.

My agent is finally sending me auditions. This is somewhat relieving since it holds the promise of work and income which will lead to more of the same. However, my suspicious are becoming more and more solidified that as soon as I show up, I am doomed. My headshot books jobs, not so much me. This is will need to change.

Speaking of employment, American Apparel contacted me for another interview. Oh boy. This prompted a lazy Saturday trip to the Broadway store in which I could ascertain the sorts of things I could lavish a 50% discount on that I would never buy at full price because where in the hell would I wear them anyway.

I checked out the space where I will be moving into and it's bigger than I remember it. This will be my room:

It echoed a lot. I'm excited for hardwood floors. And two windows! And not living in a walk-in closet anymore! And best of all, not having to abide and scurry by a train schedule.

I've wholeheartedly decided that waking up in Brooklyn to sunny 80 degree weather on a Saturday is one of my favorite things this summer. And Juilliets. Mmmm.

Simone and I watched so many episodes of Metalocalypse last night until our eyes were bleeding from too much metal and we died to sleep.
I texted a friend who told me the other morning how his father passed away as he was talking to me on ichat. He just looked up and there it was.
He signed off abruptly at one point. And I thought, I wonder if maybe something dramatic and hospital-like with beepy machinery happened. It was a passing thought.
It wasn't then, but now I could say. Hmmh.

The last thing he said to me, I'm trying to find the book Big Fish.

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