July 6, 2008

"happybirthda-fourthofjuly...fuck you!"
~A. Marmolino 2006

Personally, I think other nations celebrate our independence day better. With low-key alcoholism. I tried to celebrate in the American way-- with a feast. It didn't turn out so much.
But Henry did bring vegan cheese for vegan burgers.
Vegan. Cheese. Just think about that for a moment...

This is a photo of the largest slice of lemon merigue pie. Courtesy of the Hempstead diner.

And then! I found myself at Purchase for the weekend. We arrived at midnight and everyone was effectively sauced. After two petite Mexicans poured limoncello and rum down everyone's throats, this encouraged everyone to run around in the pouring rain. And then I convinced everyone that being shirtless in the rain was a good idea (this would have been a natural progression anyhow I think). I don't know where I was going with that, but it seemed like a neat idea at the time. Drunk people listen to sober people.
The thing about running around shirtless in the rain is that things get uncomfortably cold and wet very quickly. However it does make slow-motion dramatic running in the rain reenactments really... possible.

I don't remember antics of this proportion when I was an undergrad. I do however remember what this sort of thing leads to. Mostly, what everyone else pieces together the next day I don't have to.

Standing in the rain, wearing stretchy pants and a bra, behind me people are doing towel whips with wet t-shirts and shrieking. H is climbing a tree just in his shorts as K pees on it. People are wrestling on the wet grass and one of the Mexicans pulls a boy's face to her mouth and everyone is saying "you're my best friend!"
I look at A and he just says, "Don't be mad."
I think I was just surprised. "I'm not mad?"
"I see the look in your eyes. Don't be mad."
I am soaked, chilly, I have to pee.
I go inside. I'm not mad.

Walking home from the train station today, I saw two rabbits hopping after each other. This was adorable and unexpected. I never see rabbits outside in my neighborhood, just squirrels. One chased another and they darted over the lawns alongside the sidewalk. When it caught up with the other, it immediately mounted the other rabbit and all I saw was a blur of haunches. The other lady rabbit got loose and scurried off. The chase continued.
I was a little bit floored. Two rabbits DOIN IT. This, I have never witnessed before. What's more, is that it appeared as if she wasn't trying to have that. Is there such a thing as bunny rape?
I saw something, so should I say something?


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