July 24, 2008

the life you were meant to live

I'm really bored with printing lately. NEVER HAVE I EVER PREDICTED THIS WOULD HAPPEN. It's devastating. Like writer's block but somehow much more frustrating. Maybe because I don't have to pay a $600 lab fee/tuition to write.

So I decided to play God and genetically alter things... on paper/tshirt. What I came up with was the incredibly useless and inconvenient, Ellkyfish. Elkfish? Elktacle monster?

I've decided to use the last few weeks of the summer registration to make some nice things to put on the wall in my room. So I had a brilliant idea of getting some really ancient books and do some sort of printed collage situation. I found this one gem at the Strand this afternoon for a dollar.

Just look at that inscription. 1930! 19-fucking-30! Mina! Who is that? I don't know!

I'm a sucker for sentimental old rubbish like that. I've decided to read it first. Turns out it's a bit of a snooze and I'm already halfway through it. It follows the story of this one hermit gentleman dude who courts sassy daughters of German aristocracy. His one friend in the world is his dog, named Aesop. It's kind of sweet. I still don't know what the title, Pan, refers to.
I realize that whenever I read books written in the early 20th or 19th century, the male protagonists are really self-absorbed and prissy.

Speaking of courting, check out this video of Pirogies gettin down. Potato courts cheese.

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Anonymous said...

i love the elkfish!