July 22, 2008

like learning the clarinet

If you ever hear talk from me about cutting my hair,
just remind me to look at this photo from 2.5 years ago and NOT TO DO IT.

I spent yesterday afternoon making these:

I hope the elderly people who make up 60% of the population of my town can read that font/ give me their social security checks. (No, I'm not dumb. I erased my address obviously to deter internet stalks.)

This one got really nervous when I took that photo for some reason:

I had an audition for CBS today in which a scene from Animal House was reenacted with the lines changed to promote sports. I threw a chair. One of the guys from Derrick Comedy was there for the same thing.

The skinny awkward white one:

Train faux pas = cute

I'm sick of all my music. It's like the same soundtrack everywhere- on the train, on the street, IT'S IN MY HEAD AND IT WON'T GET OUT!

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