July 14, 2008

love in a trashcan

I knew there was a reason I facebook-married him.

Henry came to my house and we had a photosesh because the boy needed some good shots. We're so excited. We went to this vegetarian Chinese restaurant a few towns over and ate fake chicken mooshu and tofu. And drove all the way blasting Eurotrash dance music and car-dancing. It was difficult with a seatbelt.
The cars next to us looked at us the way people look at homeless people sometimes. I didn't really give a deuce.

I am jonesing for a real pro camera and not just a point-and-shoot shit.
One of these perhaps?

But this baby I got can take some seriously diesel shots when I fiddle with the options and stuff. Examples:

(these are from my family trip to Hawaii a month ago)

Also I revamped some old printed tees!

Ok, so like... one.


Anonymous said...

what kind of camera is that? those pics turned out awesome

HolyshitiLoveyou said...

It's a Panasonic DMC-FX01
Makes for a really nifty point-and-shoot.

Anonymous said...

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