July 16, 2008

some sort of Aladdin situation

Today's productivity rated a 4 on a scale of handicapped to assembly line. There was pretty much no point in my going into my internship today. They had nothing for me to do, what with their other computer down. So I left early. I didn't know what to do with myself. I realized I hadn't been to the printlab in more than a week so I went there. I made a shirt. I was unsatisfied. I also did it backwards by accident.

Which I guess is alright since it has Russian text and is a prison tattoo so hopefully the wearer doesn't get harassed by any Russian convict immigrants who recognize it. I wouldn't want to be responsible for that.

I called a friend for a guerrilla hangout and we lazed around Union Square park and it was nice to just stop for some time and not always be heading somewhere. I always feel like I have to keep moving or else, I don't know. I 'll sink maybe. Like a shark needs to keep swimming. Maybe it's okay to sink every now and then. That is just as well for me, since that's the direction my insides prefer lately.

I saw that Spanish dude from my printmaking class in the park. I recognized him by the tote bag he printed in class. He was wearing it with euro-macho pride. He was with another vaguely metrosexual male.
I saw that saxophone kid in my building again. Waiting for the elevator. This time he had a subway sandwich in his hand instead. He looked at me like he knew me and I blushed and walked quickly away.

The world is too small. Evidence proves this and I reclaim it. I don't really know what the world wants with me ever.
I finished Eeeee Eee Eeee on the train today. It said something that made some sense:
A world without right or wrong was a world that did not want itself, anything other than itself, or anything not those two things, but that still wanted something. A world without right or wrong invited you over, complained about you, and gave you cookies. Don't leave, it said, and gave you a vegan cookie. It avoided eye contact, but touched your knee sometimes.
It was the world without right or wrong. It didn't have any meaning. it just wanted a little meaning.

The world and I are not so different.
My next play I write will involve Aretha Franklin. Because I think Aretha Franklin is sexy. Well her music is. I've never met her. I want to write a play with some sexy in it. A play that will make Catholics disapprove.

It probably won't make too much sense. Whenever something I write makes sense, I am immediately made uneasy and I don't like it. I feel stupid, like I stuck my foot in my mouth. I don't want you to know what I mean exactly. I want you to tell me what I mean. Because I'm not sure I even know and I'd like to.

Oh and I was asked to leave and not to return to the Chelsea Whole Foods again ever.
We'll talk about it in the car.

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