July 4, 2008

she's a maneater

I had a dream that his new girlfriend was an all-white wolf pup who made a photo scrapbook about how they had both known each other all their lives and were meant to be together. Except in the photo scrapbook (which was all white and lacy by the way) the wolf pup had replaced photos of herself with photos of a blonde mail-order Russian bride.

And all the meanwhile, we were all on a very large free-falling ride with a bunch of other people I know and normally I hate those rides because they make my stomach feel all wibbly but we had gone up and down so much the sensation became null. His wolf pup nuzzled on his chest and I think everyone was scared because they weren't sure if the ride was going to break and kill everyone or not and I was just like, "Can we just get this over with already so I don't have to watch my ex boyfriend cuddle with his psycho wolf girlfriend?"

I woke up on my arm and it was asleep.

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