July 28, 2008

they said three months- you'd come for me

Now you can be ostentatious for a cause. I wonder if for every pair of these babies you buy, Tom gives a pair of the same model to shoe-less kids in Argentina. And then I wonder if they develop illusions of grandeur to the degree of Prince or possibly Mariah Carey. Or maybe the bigger kids beat them up and steal their glitzy shoes to exchange them for a ride north. Or anchovies. So much to wonder.

They are so violently garish, that naturally I want a pair.
The only question is: gold or silver? GOLD OR MOTHERFUCKING SILVER?

I've decided if I get this job on Wednesday, I am treating myself (plus, they will function as comfortable gear for the many hours I will spend on my feet). And some shoe-less Argentinian kid, I hear. That's what they call "karma gravy."

Casting for Sony today = HAHAHA
Inner doom. outer doom. I swear.

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