July 7, 2008

things I look at on the internet and I don't know why

Someone writes "tomorrow" but that was three days ago so tomorrow already happened two days ago. My mind is almost blown but I don't let it.

There is a lot of coorespondence on the internet, that's for sure. A lot of it goes like this "OMG" or this "LOL".
A lot of people write on the facebook and myspace walls of the deceased. I think this is really strange. I think the dead can maybe read minds so what's the point of writing it when you can just think real hard and they'll know. They will know, in their deadness, what you thought really hard at them.

A lot of people on Craiglist want you to do things for them for free. Their inboxes are empty. I just know it.

My wall is covered in Happy Birthdays. I feel older. Being older means that I am more unemployed somehow. That's how it feels. I keep forgetting to call my agent to remind him that he is an agent who said he would work with me and he should probably be giving me work.

I look him up on the internet. He does not have an email address.

The internet has little to nothing to offer me at this time.

Ignore this. Absolutely.

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