August 29, 2008

egg salad cures what ails

I have just taken a nap and I actually feel like while I was sleeping some magical sleep-vice made my head some sort of squeezy-thing. Ugh.

I went to a film shoot my internship suggested I extra for this afternoon. It was an alternative club scene and I would finally get to wear the silver halter bodysuit and black lame minishirt from AA that I have never worn for the reasons that they are what they are and wearing them in public (not for costume purposes) implies that "she was asking for it."

Going to the Bronx is not fun ever. I stepped in dog poo. But it was so hard that it was no big, like stepping on a rock. That means the Bronx doesn't care about dog curbing and everyone leaves their dog shit on the sidewalk to harden to fossils.

They were holding all the extras in the basement of a run-down church (separating non-union from SAG of course) and everyone was dressed like some 90's punk or S&M sort of person.
It looked like a school cafeteria with the long tables and folding chairs everywhere. Or like a really big AA meeting. I sat next to a girl who kept saying "Yay!" to herself and singing to herself and calling me girlfriend and showing me all her "happy shirts" that she brought as costume options. I started to feel sick. Wardrobe approved my costume options and someone said something about midnight and I thought Fuck This and bailed. $80 to sit around for 6 hours before shooting for maybe 45 minutes was not worth it. Besides, one of the coordinators with a lazy eye kept yelling at everyone and telling everyone to stop talking.

So I left, went home, proceeded to debate whether or not the exceedingly attractive person next to me on the train was gay, went home, ate a sandwich and slept and now I woke up and fuck.

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