August 2, 2008

enlisting your helps

Two restaurants are willing to train me.
ie. hire me as a waitress.
Cafe Orlin vs. Cafe Juliette.



Orlin- Pros:
  • Know the menu,
  • nice staff,
  • laid back atmosphere and cool music,
  • can wear whatever I want,
  • will rake in tips like whoa,
  • east village is a good neutral location,
  • possibility of unlimited tiramisu?
Juliette- Pros:
  • Gorgeous atmosphere,
  • Williamsburg first stop into BK so it's not THAT far,
  • Normal hours,
  • easier access to crashability in BK if need be until I can afford to move out,
  • Not so crazy unless on weekends,
  • nice staff
Orlin- Cons:
  • 24 hours on weekends and manager said she was looking for overnight people.
  • Feel like fast-talking foreign manager man will yell at me a lot. I get that vibe.
  • I can never enjoy it as a customer again.
  • Crazy long hours (8am-2am weekdays, overnights! I will either have to wake up super early or become nocturnal sometimes.)
  • Not as easy access to crashability because it is in the East Village.
  • More possibility of running into people I know and it will be awkward.
Juliette- Cons:
  • Tied to Brooklyn.
  • Managers look capable of yelling at me.
  • Less tip monies.
  • Must invest in black tops.
  • Location is slightly less convenient? Maybe? Actually I don't think so.

Somewhat of a dilemma which basically comes down to: $$$ vs. Convenience. I went into Juliette tonight after the manager told me to come by on a busy night to get a feel of the place and trail some of the waitstaff for an hour or so. It was alright. One of them remembered me from last weekend when I went to brunch there. I hope I tipped well.