August 8, 2008

you've got a right to be damaged, I've got a right to be bitter

Alright. I had this wonderful idea that drinking half a glass of red wine would help me fall asleep like a baby. Instead I am fighting sleep and typing up this shit.

Very successful. My face is the color of beets.

Last night was my second night of training at Juliette. I have two more fucking train seshes before I get paid. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. I did however leave in a good mood so that is a good sign. Everyone working there is really cool and we get along super well. And I found out that wearing leggings is OK since I saw another waitress there doing that. SOLD.

Speaking of leggings- American Apparel called me this evening offering me a position at the Broadway store. They were offering $9/hr. I said No I am a waitress now, you fucks.
This means.
And that's what counts now, isn't it.

Anyway, enough hostility and bitterness. Speaking of suckers,

Last night. Of all the people to walk into my restaurant. Mr. Too Broke for a Coffee Date sits in my section. The universe is taking a dump on my head, is what I think. I ignored his texts after that awful tacky situation, two months ago. His friend arrived first and I seated him. He said he was meeting a friend. And then in walks this dude. And I immediately hate life and text Henry and he advises me to spray some Bitch-B-Gone all over this dude. The most I had access to was maybe seltzer.
I mention to Claire, who I'm training with, if she could please take this table because of awkward situation #1. The bartender asks me if I want him to kick him out. I tell him that will not be necessary but I appreciate the gesture. He then asks me if I'd like him to send a drink to him from me. I say that will also not be necessary. Funny guy.

For the rest of his time there, I avoid eye contact and go about looking very busy and important. There were a few moments I think he may have recognized me. But didn't say anything. So I don't care. And even if he did, and said something. Well. There's really nothing I Could do but pretend that I don't know who Sable is and my name is Natasha and I come from not around here probably Taiwan or Tibet or Iceland. Crisis evaded.

J and I went to see the Dark Knight, seeing as we were the only two people in the world who haven't seen it yet apparently so we owe it to each other to be Dark Knight-seeing partners.
Holy shit, my blood pressure. That's all I have to say about that. And I have a crush on Aaron Eckhart now. Damnit.

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