August 5, 2008

"I hate art" is the only consistant lie

PaulyB researched Spaghetti Western and got this:

Ugh. I'm going to do something ridiculous and change maybe one letter or something. So I can not be associated with real musicians who write their own music and make money and have domain names.

People who manage restaurants, I have come to discover are always foreign and irate. Or if they are not foreign, they maybe have this far away look in their eye that suggests that they always have their eye on the metaphorical prize (financial gain). Or that they have sociopathic tendencies. They are also all chain smokers.
My first night of training went well. I think I spilled a bit of water on someone's foot but no major fuck ups. It is easy to do. They fed me mussels. I am not getting paid for training. This angers me. Hopefully I am tricking them with my capabilities for not fucking up and they won't make me do more than 3 shifts of training. So's I can get cash money. I'm glad that you get paid in cash with this sort of thing. It makes things seem less bleak. At least on an immediate level.
The wait staff is a sausagefest of attractive males between the ages of 24 and 30. They are all gay. Or might as well be. They are very nice to me.
I need to memorize a whole lot of wine and beer lists. That is annoying. As a sober person, this seems really useless to me. As a financially-stooped person, this is my homework.


As long as you have papers in front of you it looks like you are busy.

I am at my internship doing nothing. I've been doing nothing for approximately 3 hours now. My boss grimaced at my oatmeal breakfast and went, "Eugh, is that oatmeal?" I said Yes and she made a face. Carborexic.
It brought back memories of when my mom would pack my lunch in elementary school and sometimes it would be leftovers of Korean food or Chinese food or handrolls and all the kids at my lunch table to go "Ewwww what IS that!"

I remember really hating that and trying to eat my lunch as discreetly as possible before eventually asking my mom to stop giving me things like that for lunch because the other kids made me feel gross and she said that they were just ignorant. I didn't know what the word ignorant meant then so I just assumed it was something like being an asshole.

I think the first time I called someone an asshole was because of that, sometime in elementary school.

And then I ate cream cheese sandwiches a lot after that.

Now that I think of it,
This bang situation

is getting really annoying.


Anoush said...

the people who say "EW what is that" are Simple Sugars. And not as complex as Oatmeal or know how insanely healthy it is.

Restaurant owners... I... yeah.

Anoush said...

my comment is grammatically incorrect.