August 21, 2008

je ne comprends pas

I realize that my brilliant plans for not being broke are actually maybe kind of ill-conceived.
I feel more and more like a waif each day.

I worked a shift with C the other night. Despite his impossibly snug GStar jeans, he is straight. And single. The fact that this is his third yet primary job, he has serious bags under his eyes, and that he is a straight single beautiful man between the ages of probably 26-29 who waiters for a living... can only lead to 3 possible conclusions:
He is a vampire,
He is a sociopath,
He's got some serious ghosts.

The fact that I'm into him also confirms that he may very well be all three of those things.
I am making the decision "not to shit where you eat," as they say. I have a sickening feeling that my days are numbered. It doesn't help that one manager takes pleasure in harassing and haranguing me.

Ok. This wine is singing me to sleep. Goodnight.

This entry was really lame. It would be best to delete it from your memory probably.

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