August 15, 2008

my nappies were flared

After approximately two months and I had forgotten all about it, I found that short film I extra'd for back in June. Prada hired 9 international directors to make short films about their new perfume Infusion d'homme. The films have nothing to do with the actual perfume, just a creative interpretation of what the director thinks of when smelling the perfume or something. I donno.

But after they were super fickle about casting the FOUR extras and and only shot for two days for a film less than 5 minutes long... NONE of the extras were even in it. We got paid a decent amount to sit around for HOURS in a freezing deli at 5am and all our asses was cut. Lame.

The film itself is alright. That dude poured me a coffee. It was nice of him. Being a big movie star and all. Pffffyeah

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