August 28, 2008

the best country singers die in the back of classic cars

I made the healthy choice to add more fiber to my diet. So I stopped by the NATURAL COMMODITIES MARKET on First ave and picked up some spoonable fiberous substance as well as soy milk. The thing with the fiber sawdust- even though it says you can mix it into water or juice, don't do this. It will be gross and gloopy at the bottom. I did this with tea. NO DICE DON'T DO IT.

After an afternoon of painting a ceiling and probably inhaling a bunch of asbestos, I hopped the 7 to Chinatown from the soon-to-be new digs (It takes an HOUR total to get to Chinatown from there, kill me) to meet Simone for some noodles and faux-designer bag shopping. The noodles were good, but I cannot stand being harassed by street vendors (here's a tip if you want strangers to leave you alone: wear big stereo headphones)
Um, I somehow squirted hot sauce all over myself. But that's ok, I was already covered in khaki-colored (Clivenden Sandstone 3007-10B) paint splatters. Every time I wear white I become clumsy with anything stainable or saucy. Mostly sauces.

Taking the train back home, I was kept company by this guy across the platform:

Today is another day in which Facebook attempts to ruin my life.
EXCEPT that I don't fucking let it. Because that would just be silly.
Things that are ruining my life however, include:
  • The MTA
  • 3/4 time signatures
  • dry skin
  • Pinkberry
  • The Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase
  • I need a haircut but I want it to magically make my mane much longer and prettier
  • garage band
I am deeply uninspired and faintly anxious about just about anything a person in my position could be faintly anxious about. It's a problem. OR IS IT. We'll talk about it in the car...

Tomorrow I see Amy!
I am going to write a play about hospital dramas because I hate those and everyone loves them I don't get it.
Go get the iTunes' free download by Black Kids this week. You will not regret it. It was long overdue.

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