August 18, 2008

monday monday someday

I spied this impressive anomaly in Union Square this evening. WHAT. 

Today my father turns 59 years old.

We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant and I sat at a big round table with my family, grandparents, my aunt Gloria and her husband by way of they-just-never-broke-up-for-1000-years, Bob. My extended family on my father's side always irritates me immediately and for however long I am in their presence. I think because all they do is bicker and have shrill voices and in general are annoying people.
I picked out an apricot mocha cake in order to avoid my aunt choosing strawberry shortcake. Nobody likes strawberry shortcake. If you give someone a strawberry shortcake on their birthday you're liable to make them cry. I will not see my dad cry on his 59th birthday. Hmph.

While cutting the cake, my grandma discussed with my mom why one of my dad's brothers wasn't there. He was on the west coast with his lady-on-the-side apparently. I always thought he was so cheery and innocuous. He looks just like my dad but he smiles more and has a personality. He's the only uncle I actually like and am friendly towards.
Considering his wife is a shrew and in general not all that kind person but actually quite selfish and corny, I thought to myself, "You go, Uncle P. YOU GO AND GET YOSELF A GOOD WOMAN!"
And then I thought about his two daughters, my cousins, and thought, "Hmm. They probably won't trust men ever again, but they're grown-ass womens. They'll get over it."

And then we ate that apricot mocha cake and didn't discuss it further because that Terminator show was on the TV.

Every time I think about work/gigs/castings/living situations/what time I have to get up in the morning to do what/where I have to be and when/transportation/where I will be sleeping tonight or tomorrow... I am stressing myself out, living day-to-day in order not to overwhelm myself with thoughts of uncertain futures. I am thankful that this consumes my thoughts though, rather than other useless ghosts.

Speaking of ghosts, I was surprised to find salutations from this past weekend/American History textbooks. 
He is very busy and important. I do appreciate updates though. The best I always hope for are polite manners and appropriate netiquette.

Andy Warhol says that the most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet. 
I'm inclined to agree with him sometimes.

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