August 30, 2008

the transatlantic goose chase

So I have a possible predicament.
Which will probably amount to nothing because I am a lazy girl not keen on provoking unnecessary drama and tom foolery on my character's part. Dormancy is the key to not coming out looking like a fool.
I am beginning to think that maybe things are exactly how they seem. And.
That maybe I have some grounds for a sexual harassment in the workplace case if I were the kind of person who took matters into the hands of the law. Some sexy forbidden unspoken law...

A male model from Australia asked Simone and I for directions to Williamsburg from Greenpoint and I let him use my phone to call a friend and we chatted on the B61.
He did not look like a male model. But I'm betting he probably photographs well. Or his agency is lying to him and sending him on a transatlantic goose chase. Poor kid. He was so starry-eyed about New York and he'd only been here two days.
He did however look like an Australian. He gave me his email address?
Uhm. Ok.
I was tempted to make too many Aussie stereotype "shrimp on the barbie" jokes. I restrained myself only by the grace of all things polite and sexy.

The rest of the night was a shit-show starring everyone's ex-boyfriend but mine (thank god) with several cameos from whatever Simone ate all day.

You know that commercial for some new Verizon phone and the guy sleep-texts at night and his hand acts of its own volition like that hand from the Addams Family?

That was me each time I woke up this morning/afternoon on the hour, every hour since finally getting to sleep around 5am. What is up with that? What is going on? WHO AM I!

And if you haven't already, you may want to give these guys a go on your iTunes.
They're pretty great!

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