August 3, 2008

we're slow to acknowledge the knots in our laces

Ok. So I rewarded myself with these Liberace pieces of disco ball footwear.
I've decided-- or rather, the shoes have decided for me-- that I am going to be THAT waitress. The one with adolescent footwear.

Yes, the carpet in my room is puke brown and in desperate need of vaccuuming.
Yes, that is a weird vein popping out of my left foot.
Yes, Toms makes glitterati models.

Derrick Comedy @ UCB last night was all kinds of hilarious. "Wizard sandwich." That is what I'm taking away from that show. It has mayonnaise, lettuce, magic and strawberries in it. Probably on ciabatta.

I just helped my brother take out a zit on one of his back tattoos. He will now take me out to dinner. I haven't seen my parents in three days despite being home technically a part of each day for the past three days. They don't know I got a job so I should probably tell them before they chastise me for being an unsuccessful leech-child. When I run into them next...

This is my family life.

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