August 24, 2008

with friends like these who needs enemas

I get harassed by French people a lot at work. So you know all that hype about how sophisticated and cool French people are? This is all "smoke & mirrors."
Or as they say in Frogtopia, "le smoke et les mirrores."
Their accents are annoying and they like to sit and shoot the shit for a really really long time while glancing up saucily at me in a way that is in no way okay.
Which would be fine if they tipped well. Or at all. But this is not the case.

Having a pal with a gradually increasing discount at American Apparel can mean only one thing for my wallet: DEVASTATION. At first it was 20%. Now 30%. I think if I want to get to the employee 50% there'd have to be some puttin out. It ends here and now.

Also, having the Eggs Florentine every time I work a brunch shift can mean only one thing for my waistline: DEVASTATION. It has turn me into a fan of poached eggs.
A table of hip ladies commented that they liked the music playing on the rooftop. It was my playlist that Andy always lets me play when he's behind bar because, let's face it, IT'S AWESOME. Further proof I make things happen. Audio-ambiance-wise.

Every time we leave Simone alone for any longer than ONE moment at a bar, she gets hawked by some Asian hipster.

I can't wait for fall for two reasons: Leather jacket, boots. I've got my eye on several.

Lust vs. Love
There is no question in this case that they are one of the same.

I will now scope out all faux designer handbag-selling venders on the streets of manhattan. 
Time for a venture to Canal St. Anyone down for haggle-mania 2008?

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