September 13, 2008

animal, vegetable, mineral?

You'll find out, come 10/31/08!
After a cous-cous fueled dinner (plus my sugar craving in the form of a delectable chocolate cup filled with cappuccino custard and raspberries from The Bean; see:), Simone and I wandered to the AA on the LES and naturally in our food-filled state managed to invent the best idea for an unstoppable, unquestionnable trio:

(We're missing vegetable. We envisioned our third in some sort of radish getup)

So that was my Friday night.
BUT I have been meaning to unload all the random phone photos I have.
These are a few of my favorite things:

That's a picture of a hashbrown I drew on the table mat at Egg while at Brunch with B, a few weeks ago. I ate that detective soon after.

As for the vehicle, it solved the mystery of what to call my diet!

That used to say "Go Sabres" until I finagled with it. Just who are these Sabres anyhow and where are they going?

SVA ran out of L's for their elevators.

If that isn't the true picture, I don't know what is.

And now for the first issue of what I will call

If you've got a keen eye and went to Purchase, maybe you will be able to guess where that cat-looking pipe can be found.

As for the little clutch, I just don't get the purpose of coin purses anymore. This isn't Europe. We don't have coin monies. Not the useful kind, anyhow.

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