September 30, 2008

Bringin home the spam

I am in several hundred (thousand?) people's inboxes as of this morning. Woo! Hopefully now I can get rid of that box full of printed shirts that I've been neglecting to promote/sell.

I am excited for "orientation" tomorrow morning at Brooklyn Industries in which coffee will be sipped from Styrofoam cups and maybe munchkins and what will most likely be the most hilarious sexual harassment video, OH MAN.

And then a grand opening party at the Union Square store Thursday in which there is apparently a free hoodie giveaway and maybe more Styrofoam cupped beverages!
This solves my dilemma about what to do Thursday night probably.

I'm excited. I have to be. Otherwise I'd be thinking about how I'm now a slave to the retail grind. And that's just depressing.

I think the first thing I'm using my paycheck towards is a hair cut finally.

1 comment:

Simone said...

we don't use styrofoam cups. they're non-biodegradable.

we buy overpriced biodegradable cups made from corn.

don't ask.