September 10, 2008

cause and a fit

If you spend the day inside because it is raining and browse Craigslist for hours,
you WILL go crazy.

You will also line up a few jorbs this week. Which could be potential future robberies/stabbings/get chopped up and end up in someone's freezer.
Or potential profits for arts. Only time will tell!

It's pretty much fall and I can't even enjoy it because I don't have a life and when you don't have a life what the hell do you do all day anyway. Reminisce about when you did have a life, that's what.

Things will happen.

I watched TV tonight and actually paid attention to it. The new 90210 gets a big DON'T BOTHER from me. Usually I just scroll through the channel guide hoping to find a Futurama marathon sometime. This rarely happens and I usually end up watching endless episodes of whatevers on ABC Family/Disney Channel because nothing bad happens on those programs. (What's the point of watching tv if it's just going to upset you, eh?) Currently guilty pleasures include Wizards of Waverly (WaAaAaverly as I say) Place, Hannah Montana, What I Like About You, and Food Network.

What should I get B for her birthday next week?

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