September 12, 2008

it's rex manning day

Today I earned enough for the next week's expenses by telling males how to get dates with ladies/not repulse ladies on first impression. On the internet. Because clearly I am a reliable source for this sort of thing.

Alternate ways to continue a pattern of consistent income if my life were a hip mid-90s movie:

Plaid skirts and cropped sweaters?
Corey Mason, you are a speed-junkie grunge goddess.

In other news,
I went on a "date?" with a guy who I think has a girlfriend and lives with said girlfriend. He also seems to hate everyone and everything and made me question my "art" over a warm mozzarella sandwich with roasted eggplant and sundried tomatoes, basically. It's like flirting with your Republican dad except he's way younger and hipper and more attractive. And not a dad.
A real "piece of work."

(Apparently, I put things in quotes now)

Oh, here's the part where Renee Zellweger sings on the roof of the music store and realizes her dreams of singing in a band (I love it when that happens) in a snug black cardigan and loose charcoal poly-cotton high-waisted shorts. Perfection.

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Simone said...

that movie inspires me to own my own record shop.

oh rexy, you're so sexy.