September 16, 2008

the more you know

This is why sometimes Craigslist is not okay:

  • You browse Craiglist looking for jobs.
  • You click on the "Creative" link, under "gigs."
  • You respond to a post looking for female asian models for what appears to be something like figure modeling ($50/hr). You inquire about details of the "ongoing project."
  • The poster calls you back the next day.
  • He explains that the project has to do with S&M and Domination.
  • You are scared.
  • He explains that he works at some sort of media rep company and proceeds to regale you with tales of impressive sounding projects and clients.
  • You are polite and pleasant, but still apprehensive.
  • He goes off tangent and you end up in a conversation about life in general and stupid crap like that. Maybe you even share a joke or two.
  • You go back to the point of discussing this project and/or other more normal projects that don't involve whips and leather, that you may possibly book instead.
  • When pressed, he finally says that it's just for him. For you to dominate him.
  • You hang up.

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