September 3, 2008

don't look back just to see what it was for

I'm not gonna front.
I'm kind of nostalgic for the good ol alma mater. By which I mean:
I miss having my own place and having my friends a 10 minute walk from my apartment and riding my bike and running around the Old on the weekends and pancake breakfast mornings discussing the things we probably shouldn't have done the night before and wearing ridiculous outfits and silkscreening for days and shows at the Stood and productions and White Plains adventures at 3am...

I talked to Peter today and he says he will do his darnedest to help me out of my newfangled pickle. B and I lazed around the neighborhood today doing lots of nothings and he popped around a couple times.
"Aren't you supposed to be watching the store..." I asked tentatively, after we met up with him at the Levee eating frito pie and cheezeballs. After he stopped by B's apt and watched a bit of Mad Men.
"Don't worry about it. It's covered," he shot back.
"I'm totally going to rob it and you will not see it coming and I will get away with it."
"Oh, you're going to visit later?"

This is my potential boss. And that's if things work out.

I'm not gonna front.
Things are


I deleted all the contacts from my phone that I haven't heard from or called in more than a year, or who I don't see myself needing to call ever again. It was lot, surprisingly. Some names I didn't even recognize. I kept the numbers of those who, if they ever called me I'd want to know who it was so I don't pick up. 
This is the sort of thing some would call "cathartic." I call it cleaning house. 

And let me just say: I would never recommend trying to sneak past a Rottweiler guarding a side door to your friend's apartment because they are locked out of the front door. 
Unless you're Iron Man or some sort of Dr. Doolittle animal-whisperer gifted person. 

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