September 5, 2008

dear apostrophe waitress

In a record amount of time, I tracked (at least) the instrumentals of a very simple cover of the Dodo's Lily in probably something like 30 minutes!
And then for the next few hours sporadically went back to add a lot more weird and unnecessary samples.

My impressive dark wood shiny piano is being sold in light of moving and not having room for an unused enormous 1000lb instrument in the new house. I broke out the books and to my astonishment my fingers have not forgotten where to go and when, to make melodic Sonatas and Chopins come out of that thing!
I had grown to resent that thing that occupied so many hours of my childhood I could've spent riding bikes with friends outside in the park or watching Batman cartoons, or so I thought at the time. I pretend to hate it. But I don't really. Shh.

The library of samples in Garage Band is extensive and unnecessary. Just so you know.
I also re-recorded "You really got a hold on me" and extended it. Just for kicks.
My favorite to date is probably the Kelley Deal 6000 cover (Zombies is close second). I should always sound like that.
Something is happening to my voice and I don't know why or what but it's a bit disconcerting and tinny no matter what I do. I do not care for that.

It could be because I did nothing all day but eat ice cream, watch ABCFamily, and scour Craigslist and then recorded music for hours.

Because on idle days like this, had I created nothing at all, I would've probably thrown myself in front of a train. Every time I force myself to write, nothing of consequence comes of it. I am too preoccupied with issues of finance and spiritual/personal fulfillment. That is no muse.

Times is tough. It said so in the paper.

However, ever since I discovered how to download entire albums for free via google, I am pleased.

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Simone said...

you should cover "love you till the end" by the pogues.

yeah, it's from ps i love you. what about it?