September 29, 2008

things I'd like to purchase when I have a buttload of disposable income

Oh and I desperately need a hair cut.
And to read books.

I hope I get hired this week so then I can not be poor and maybe self-actualize a little bit. I will find out tomorrow.
I also hope HBO gives me a call-back at the very least.
I hope I get a call from that dude from the Williamsburg AA so it's not awkward just in case BKI doesn't hire me and then I get hired there instead and won't that be silly if we become co-workers. I should probably quit chatting up strangers. No I shouldn't.
I have a penchant for keeping you talking for far longer than you anticipated. This has always been, why- I do not know.

For all the times I said "hope" just now, I realize that I'm not actually that hopeful at all.

I hung out with the scientist today and made several inappropriate jokes about hysterectomies and plane crashes and other things people probably shouldn't make jokes about.

Basking in the deliciousness of perogies and kielbasa at Veselka, who should we run into but Michael Cera, in the same damn red AA hoodie I think I see him in all the time. And by see him in, I mean in photos and stuff. I stared a lot and he looked a little weirded out. At least I didn't go "OH HEY MICHAEL CERA!" as was my initial instinct before logic kicked in and I realized that we're not actually familiar with each other, I just think I am because he is so in the public eye right now, and harassing minor celebrities is fodder for getting maced in the face. Media has a strange effect on you that way. I felt that I alienated everybody and myself.
Scientist mentioned how he worked two weeks on Cera's newest movie, Nick and NorahWhatever, so I goaded him on to tell that to him but he didn't.

My parents are leaving for China in a few days, for all of October.
Risky Business attire- Check!
Pillow forts in the living room- Check!
Cook off extravaganza- Check!
I need to be entertained.

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Simone said...

i'm totally staying over on weekends and doing...long island things.

ok, maybe not.