October 13, 2008

I suggest a root lifting spray

After a much too long haitus, I finally spent some time with B and we kicked it in Bushwick... for her beau's 26th (the eff man). I had never been to Bushwick before. It get a big EH from me.

Simone and I admired the car seat booths and took advantage of free pool. B and I against her, with do-overs. The only thing that achieved was several running-man victory dances and a very drunk B. I'm glad she spent some time with us and didn't just snog her mans all night. That shit's corny. We compared notes, past and present.

After a while, this hip-haired lad asked S and I to dance and we cut a linoleum rug to some sorts of assorted funk music. He was 31, dressed like he was 21, and asked both of us if we wanted to go to his apartment for one beer. As in he had one beer in his fridge. He said he thought Simone was 29.

Then today, S texted me to inform me of this:
(it's really small but you can click to enlarge)

I don't really know why, but "Asian Cousins" is a bit insulting to me. I mean. We've got names, asshole.

I will say though, the Volume Police approves of his lift and texture.

The Shine Police approves of S's glassy waves.

I had the brilliant idea (okay, in conversation with Chasey) of hosting a night of pies, considering I've still got the house to myself all month and haven't taken advantage of that yet, in full Risky Business fashion.
But yeah. Pies. Both savory AND sweet. Hot Cider is requisite. As is your attendance?

I mean, I'll eat them pies myself. You know it.

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I feel exposed...