October 28, 2008

the most evident utensil is none other than a pencil

As of late, I've unearthed my sketch book. The only reason I have a sketch book is because last year I took a printmaking class and one of the required supplies was one sketchbook. I never actually used it for that class. I don't know why, but the idea of a book full of white paper really makes me want to make a mess of it. I say mess because I still don't know how to draw and I've pretty much given up about thinking about honing that skill. I can get around it. Thanks photoshop.

I think that this point I was really exasperated.

This is what you get when you Google image search "oh well":

Oh and that girl sketch, that isn't supposed to be me or anything. It's not me. I don't own a green dress with a scalloped hem like that. Or a white beret.

If you've ever had an idea of something-- anything-- you thought would be cool printed on a t-shirt, please tell me. Or better yet, just give me a noun/verb/adjective. Anything. I'll see what comes of it.

These don't count. I thought of it and not just anything belongs on a t-shirt. No way.

On another completely unrelated note, I've filled my stomach with so much pumpkin-based foods today. By so much, I really mean one pumpkin muffin from Whole Foods and a slice of pumpkin pie for "dinner." This is really the only reason I like Fall.

Since we're talking about unrelated notes here, I came across this photo from one of my favorite movies and decided that Richie and Margo Tenenbaum are one of my favorite film couples. Actually they are it. My favorite film couple. Because I haven't actually thought of that until just now, so they're the first and only.

I admire whoever was the costumer for this film.

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