October 2, 2008


This person who lives at this place in Germany will soon express to the world how BOLD he or she is. To other Germans, and the like. Neat!

Or as they say in Frankfurter-a-gogo land-- Ordentlich!

I am sure that's completely out of context but I don't care because I am an arrogant American.

Speaking of America, J was explaining to me tonight the whole significance of this financial ballot since I'm always uninformed about Everything (not just politics, also pop culture) and that since I'm working now this directly applies to me and how screwed I will be when I will have to pay with taxes for all the financial fuckups greedy Republicans made all these years.
I hate when younger boys are smarter than me. And more attractive than me. And go to college and watch CNN and C-Span all the time. And make me feel really ignorant and vapid. Sigh.

Tomorrow I will sell you overpriced flannels and hoodies emblazoned with a certain NYC burrough. Part of me wants to die inside? The other part wants to have nice things.

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