October 17, 2008

i went so city girl on you

The other night, Simone and I decided to cook risotto. I realized that I sorely miss cooking and eating and enjoying food with friends. Not cramming some Quiznos or Whole Foods concoction of a sandwich into my stomach in the span of 9 minutes probably on a break.

We were very generous with the saucy ingredient of a dry white wine, which lead to a delicious drunken meal of wine-soaked rice and broccoli. I took leftovers for work the next day.
With our bellies full of starch, we decided to hoof it to Williamsburg to walk off the heaviness of such a delightful meal. As we were walking alonside McCarren Park, I receive a text from my spandex-connection guy who tells me he was laid off from his retail job and now his only income would be from tending bar. Which is no schlump, so sir.

"What'd he say?" Simone asked me when I announced the name on the screen.
"... THE BODYSUIT! NOOOOO..." I was only able to exclaim, as I immediately lamented not purchasing it with his generous discount while I had the chance.
I lamented all the way to Pennylicks and made nice with some of their pumpkin whoopie pie. I felt slightly better, except not at all.

It seems that I get chastised approximately every 30-45 minutes every day at my job. Today's first offense was for dressing inappropriately. Granted I was clad head-to-toe in the brand, the fact that I was wearing a white burnout tank with a black bra visible underneath was deemed inappropriate. Secretly, I knew this. Not so secretly, I didn't give a WHAT.
My initial reaction was a wordless, "So what?"
After this response was met with further exasperation from my manager, I finally offered, "um, I have a vest with me?" This appeased her for the morning.
Later on as she was telling me something else I was doing wrong, I looked her in the eye and pretended that because I am a strong eye-contact-holder this will mean that I'm actually listening. This usually fools people. I also notice that one of her eyes is crossed. Weird.
Later on, she innocuously asks me, "Sable, are you in a play?"
I am flattered by the attempt at human connection and interest in my persona life in a non-invasive manner. "Not at the moment, no, " I say.
"Oh because I noticed you asked for a day off for a show and you know you need to tell me all of your creative projects well in advance."
"Oh. Um okay... that's for a friend's show that day actually." I go over to another part of the store and pretend to do something productive where I will be left alone.

There are grumblings of mutiny amongst everyone I've spoken to. In my exasperation, I texted this bullocks to Van and he responded with several fortune-cookie words of inspiration. I don't get it. I guess that's how we're different. His dad is an English professor. My dad is an auto-mechanic. Blue collar is always prone to disgruntled demeanors.

I woke up in Brooklyn this morning and it was really nice being able to get ready for work and get there within an hour and a half. A very impatient man with a clever t-shirt was waiting for the B61 alongside me. With no bus on the horizon, he hailed a cab and sped off before I could ask where that shirt was from (damn). I got on the bus and two stops later, he steps on and meets my gaze with a sheepish smile.
Sheepish things always happen Brooklyn.

Coming home to see that I've made the front page of Rumplo was a pleasant surprise though.


Simone said...

is this all Eileen? if so, tell Fernando because she shouldn't be doing that to you. your personal life is your personal life. if you want to take a day off for that, then they shouldn't have to chastise you for it. also, you work part time and they know this isn't your career.

if eileen gives you any more trouble, i can talk to zafer. hell, i'll talk to him now about her attitude.

Unknown said...

why on earth would your "creative projects" be any of her business?