October 6, 2008

don't you dare ride your moped to my mother's house

Something about the way the light tilts in this season, I find very attractive.
I won't be saying this when it starts getting dark by 5pm.

The same guy came into my store again to buy more things. He came in on opening day and I helped him feel at home/ stock up for winter. It's like I'm his personal dresser now, picking out things for him to try on only to have him realize that our pants just don't fit him well. And yet he persists. Why, I do not know. They're not cheap by any means.

"Any chance I can have your number?" he asked as I was ringing him up.
My initial thought was "What's my employee ID number again..." until I realized he meant phone number. Slightly mortified, I said, "Oh um, I have a boyfriend?"
"He's a lucky guy," he replied.
"Yeah, he has no idea..."

Then I contemplated the pros and cons of existing and the fortuity of some sort of nonexistential being. And folded more things.
Regardless of that awkwardness, I like when people visit me at work. Especially when I don't expect them to. I may not be saying this in the near future.

I met Mackey in the park this afternoon and she was telling me about her life. Which contrasts drastically to what I perceive her life to be like on her LJ/blog, by which I mean glamorous and sexy and with lots of exciting prospects on the horizon. I mean, I suppose it is. I could be jealous.

I will now compare and contrast:
Mackey's spread

My spread.

Yeah. You know you're jealous.

Weekends feel more legit now that I have a job. Even though it's retail so there's no real difference between weekdays and weekends. Henry, Simone and I smoked hookah and ate Pinkberry and I think I'm going to keep a tally of all the ways places like Pinkberry and Starbucks get my name wrong. This is even after spelling it out for them. Idiots!
How does L-E sound like A-L? HOW?

Last night Dan was in town. He picked me up from Williamsburg in none other than this ostentatious number:

I had such fun racing this philly at 100mph down the expressway. I'm not a car person, but holy canole there is NOTHING like gunning a yellow corvette from 50-100, weaving through traffic, driving from Manhattan to my house. At a traffic light in Time Square, several bro/dudes snapped photos of it. He's been in NY visiting folks and said out of 6 people he let drive his car I was by far the most aggressive driver.

In other news, I made poached eggs on toast with hollandaise sauce and a mesclun side salad for dinner tonight. Gourmet breakfast foods for dinner are best.

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