October 14, 2008

life is how it is, not how it was

Things I got told at work today:
  • "You've got a very pretty face, good for photography."
  • "You just stole my sale, those were my customers."
  • "Hi, you have very pretty eyes."
  • "Why is that phone in your hand? I don't want to see it."
Basically I've discovered that when you work somewhere where you only get a half hour break, things must be bad because even in prison you get an hour. Tara told me this today.
And when you get chastised for ringing up customers under your name even though no one gets commission, and for checking your phone, you become very aware that what you are doing is something like putting yourself in the position for a much more humiliating self-contradictory existence as well as moving closer towards hating life. It's like voluntarily putting yourself in the position to be treated like a punk teen getting sent to the principal's office.

Also, Jesse Bradford of Bring It On B-list celebrity fame came into the store today and told me how much loot he got at our outlet location. I don't know why he was bragging to me, but one of my co's told me he came in yesterday and didn't I help him with stuff? I don't remember. The rest of the day, I was wracking my brain as to why he looked so familiar. Bring It On. That's why.

To amuse myself, I've been trying to guess the origin of accents of our several foreign customers. I guess New Zealand for this one guy and he was impressed. It's all those Flight of the Conchords episodes I've been watching I said. He said, you should go to New Zealand.

And I thought, Yeah. I really should.

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