October 11, 2008

the man of michigan steals our hearts

I woke up at 10:30am this morning, an hour before I set my alarm, all exciteable and shit.

Because I had just had a dream wherein apparently Sufjan Stevens and Andrew Bird were pals and hung around where I hang around. They were leaving on a train somewhere. And I don't know how we knew each other but Sufjan wrote me a lengthy goodbye/love letter in which he recounted all the qualities he admired in me and how long he's thought those things and at the end, he finished with "Just tell me that you feel the same way I do, in that I love you."

Which is kind of an awkward way to say that. Andrew was jealous and bitter because he hadn't thought of it first.

In my dream, I was flabbergasted yet pleased. And then I woke up and was still pleased yet a little pissed that I am losing precious hours of rest so I went back to sleep. I was also pissed that it hadn't happened in real life because that'd be pretty awesome.

Upon waking from my alarm, I Googled Stevens to find some very fetching images, like this one here:

And yeah... I'd hit it.

This is what happens when you start listening to a lot of Sufjan Stevens in the Fall after listening to a lot of Andrew Bird in the Spring.

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