October 4, 2008

recline yourself resign yourself

This is a girl doing a striptease on the uptown F train last night. Her name is Kylie, I believe. She had tassels on her boobies. Yeah I said boobies. Because once you put tassels or pasties on the things they immediately become "ies."
No, she was not asking for money.
This was a much better show than the one I had just come from. There wasn't nearly as much vom.

I am watching East Enders, which is apparently a popular English soap about young twenty-somethings trying to make it in the rough East End of London. For an apparently very popular English soap, production is really shabby and the acting is pretty stiff and unbelievable and overly dramatic. Now I know why I get that sneaking suspicion that it is much easier getting acting jobs in England than in the US. I do love their accents.

Okay. I'm going to sleep for more than 8 hours tonight and then tomorrow I will feel better.
My parents left for China today. Party. Yes.

I'm stressed out?

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