October 8, 2008

she said I kissed her different, that all the men she knew were mean

So I randomly got a nose bleed on the train home tonight and bled all over my face/arm and wow I looked crazy. It was profuse. It would not stop for a good 15 minutes. I went through 3 whole kleenexes. Thank Gourd I had tissues in my bag!
The people around me refused to look at me. This is how vagrants must feel. I texted Scientist and he immediately called all concerned, thinking I was in much woe. Actually I thought it was pretty hilarious. I went the rest of the way home with my nose as some handkerchief holder-looking thing as it slowly got redder and more blood-soaked. Gorgeous.

Van from Rumplo.com featured my stuff again! I saw, I sold, I am thrilled! So thrilled!
I don't know why, but I figured I weirded him out with my enthusiasm last we met so I'm glad that... that wasn't the case. That site is amazing, I can't believe something like it didn't exist til nowadays. He has another one site called Boygirltalk or something like that where designers can collaborate with other designers as they post projects and share interest in such projects. Ingenious.

My two day work hiatus was a nice restful break. I don't know how but that one night last week wherein my body absolutely REFUSED to sleep for an ENTIRE night really fucked up my conscious living. As in I was tired incessantly. What a drag.

I spent the day telling women how good they look in things they actually do look pretty alright in so it's not like I was lying, as my manager is a fiend for sales. We don't even get commission, but you've got to admire the guy's gusto. I will admit, it is quite a thrill to see how much you can convince a person to buy just by being nice to them.
I spent about 40 minutes convincing this one dude to get a rather slick-looking trench coat, with an even slicker price ticket. He was really indecisive. After chatting for all that time about other non-outerwear concerned things he decided to leave his digits with me. This could get awkward. It is almost getting to the point where every other day I work something like this happens. It's what happens when the pressure is on to make sales and I still have not completely grown out of that need to please.
But man, if we did get commission you'd better believe I'd be yucking it up like a fiend.

Oh and Craigslist Missed Connections- Quit tryna be some sorta "love Yoda." It defeats your whole purpose.

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