October 31, 2008


I received this email, this morning:

I am interested in your work. I was sent your work by a friend who came across it on Etsy. You are very talented.

I am part of a new company, UsTrendy, which will help Fashion Designers & Jewelry Markers connect to retailers and buyers, gain production (if designer interested in production), industry exposure, and opportunities to have fashion designs showcased in major fashion shows.

In the last 2 months: 13 fashion designers from UsTrendy have been featured in major fashion shows.

I think you would be perfect as one of the featured artists. It's free to join and all items you post remain 100% your property.
In addition you have the option to sell your existing produced items in the online store.

UsTrendy can be used if you are looking to do fashion design as a career or just a hobby.

You can get customer feedback on your products. We will be introducing a detail statistical breakdown of how people of view your products. As well as what customer demographic is interested in your products. The customer feedback is something you can get even by just showcasing work and not selling.

We would love it if you could post some of your work at:


Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

I am somewhat skeptical. I'm kind of always skeptical. Especially when it comes to the internet.
Except tonight, we'll see.

Speaking of skepticism and internets,
I think one of my bosses is trying to sabotage me via our Point of Sales system. It's like when Ebay and Paypal asks for your password via email and you're not supposed to give it.
She gave a pretty flimsy excuse as to why she needed my login code...


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