October 29, 2008

you were knocking me down with the palm of your eye

The past makes me laugh.
Big fat guffaws. It usually starts with smirking at some thought about something that happened or something that could have happened or things said and not said. I laugh at things that I cried at, at the time. Now they are funny. The next time I am crying, I will confidently state that this will be very funny in the future. And even if it isn't. I'll probably still laugh at it. Because at least then I'm not crying at it.

The future makes me curious.
Everything has a habit of turning up sideways and unexpectedly. I've lost my instinct for what's to come because nothing is predictable anymore. Nothing is safe anymore. Not in regards to future time. The future has no sympathy for me or my expectations.
At least, things that pop up are usually nice things. Or exciting things. Either way, it makes me hopeful that life has a way of being exciting for me when I'm too lazy to be excited for life.

The present makes me cringe.
Of course it's almost 3am and I'm awake still. Even though I'm trying to get a decent night's/morning's rest. I always put myself in the face of uncomfortable thoughts or read the wrong things, click the wrong links, between the hours of 12am and 4am. Creative and sometimes uncomfortable. Maybe even upsetting. It's like saying Don't look down. You know you're damn well going to look.

You'd better not look.

This obese hedgehog makes me smile. It looks like a fat wet bird. And his friend looks hungry.

This photo makes me inspired. That headpiece is mine.

This magazine cover makes me blush.

That's Daisy Lowe and her ex-boyf, Will from The Blondelles. Not a year after this issue was on stands (which I nicked while I was in London), they're broken up and now she's dating Mark Ronson, 11 years her senior. Damnn girl.
It was the Love issue of i-D and they were the featured article about how great it is to be rich privileged semi-famous 21st century teenagers in love in London. You see his mouth on her boobs a lot in the article.

Well, it was shot by Terry Richardson. Big surprise.

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