November 4, 2008

bad things that happened this year that I can't really be all that mad about (in whatever chronological order I can remember at the moment)

  • If I wasn't a CA last year, I never would've met Tron. And I never would've had some of the best times of probably my early twenties and met some of the best people I'll ever know.
  • For the first time in my life, this year, my "heart" took a serious tumble. However. Due to a very depressing winter because of this, I had no appetite and lost something like 15lbs. And proceeded to look awesome?
  • But, I mean, it also made me really examine my own self and what I deserve and what I can do better and move closer to some form of self-actualization. Some people with PhDs say that sort of thing is pretty significant.
  • I also never would've met Shanaz. I don't think I've known a more patient genuine person.
  • Even though things did not work out with that Neamo kid, he did turn me on to Sufjan Stevens. Who I now love. A lot.
  • He was also the first person after S who I actually felt anything for. Which is a big relief, after spending a long while on an emotional hiatus. Some people never get out of those.
  • I got fired for the first time I can remember from a job that honestly I wasn't really up for anyway. But it made me get my ass in gear about pursuing what it is I really mean to pursue.
  • After realizing that it does more harm than good sometimes, I learned to say no to some people. Sometimes. I mean, more than no times. Which is an improvement.
  • I was unemployed almost the whole summer and slowly going broke. But I made some of the best prints I've ever. So far, anyway.
  • I realized that I actually lived on something like $700 all summer. I have no bills, but I had no income either. I am somewhat proud of that frugality. Because I didn't feel frugal necessarily. In fact, the summer was supreme fun all/most the time.
  • I cut my own hair. I fucked up. But it came out not totally horrible- actually ok! I can now put "cutter of hairs" on my resume.
  • I tried surfing and totally fucked up my foot on a wipe out. It was badass.
  • I worked an unpaid internship for 8 months. Ugh. But it got me an agent. Sort of.
  • After a few less than successful attempts, I learned that there's no such thing as not giving a fuck. Everyone gives a fuck. Or they're pretending to not give a fuck. Because, I mean, if you really honestly didn't give a fuck about anything, I can see only two outlets for you: suicide or finding God. And I think the latter is a real far fetch for a lot of people.

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