November 10, 2008

better than a tabloid

Walking up Broadway after getting out of work, my ears pricked to the distinct attractive sound of a male British accent. A young skinny ginger saying, "... over some guy you fucked!" to a long-haired skinny brunette. He was wearing a gray trench and stormed off next to the Shoe Mania.
"I mean, come on, Daisy!" He said to her, turning away. She seemed to plead with him a moment before following him. I didn't catch what she said. Because I thought, Hmm she looks familiar. She looks just like Daisy Lowe, London It Girl (I'm still not totally sure what that entails), love-child of Gavin Rossdale of Bush, and over-all rock and roll babe. And that guy who looks like the dude she used to date just called her Daisy.

Hold on, I'm drawing conclusions.
After a quick Googling, the internet tells me that after breaking up with this ginger (aka Will Cameron of the Blondelles) she dated Mark Ronson for a spell, moved to NYC and is now back (according to celebrity gossip anyway. whatever) with said ginger.
Because they're all like in love and stuff. And having sexy British arguments in the middle of Union Square. Yeah. Minor celebrity moment.

I bet they are having make-up sex RIGHT NOW. Bitch.


Unknown said...

i want a piece of that hot ginge.

Alaina Stamatis said...

yeah i mean, they can't stay broken up forever. they were naked on the cover of i-D together!