November 13, 2008

either this wallpaper goes or I do

Things I've done today:

Updated that music page I have I don't know why. A very off-key cover of another Zombies song.

Oh and pretty much NOTHING else. A day off is always welcome but today I feel bored. Too much idle time on my hands just makes me realize things in my life like how stupid my hair is and that's the reason probably why I hate things. Stupid hair. It's a life ruiner.
Or you think about the fact that EVERYONE has an iphone and it's beginning to look a bit suspicious, Apple. I said this to some stranger last night and he immediately whipped out his. I couldn't be sure if he was bragging or not but I shook my fist at it and it did nothing but look blankly at me with it's brightly-lit rectangular iphoney face. I was outcasted. I was okay with it.
I don't need the latest and greatest of anything in my life to be content.

It looked like it had put on some weight anyhow.

Some things that I foolishly believe will improve my conditions of living significantly:
  • Hair extensions?
  • Organic cotton tees
  • A really large camera
  • One of those old fashioned bicycles with one really big front wheel and one small rear wheel
  • Mocassins
  • More eggs
  • New knickers
  • Gingersnaps
  • Love Actually

Why can't I do any writing on this play I am supposedly writing? WHY?
This frustrates me to the nth degree.Reminding me how I can never finish what I start.

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