November 3, 2008

enjoy yourself, take only what you need from it

Okay. SO. This was probably the most fun Halloween I've had since I was maybe a small five years old and my mom put me a stuffed pumpkin costume and all the kids in kindergarten made fun of me for being "fat."
Leaps and bounds!

I was a Sable Antelope. Nobody got it. But I don't care. I think secretly, I just wanted an excuse to wear a onesie. I think a lot of decisions I make in life have to do with how much spandex I can get away with wearing at once and in public.

Last year for Halloween, I was also in Brooklyn, but I was at a bar in Greenpoint and falling asleep after losing out on a game of Egyptian Ratscrew 5 minutes in. Bust.

And then I went to Purchase for Adrian's birthday. I can't remember the last time I ate that much food in one sitting. Or laughed until I felt like vomming. I miss those kids.

Henry and I took a little trip to Tarrytown since we were already up there. Tarrytown is apparently the #1 tourist location (at least in NY state?) during the fall. It's got some impressive foliage I guess. It also has the one coffee shop we know that has dogs and puppies milling about leashed to their caffeine-starved owners. I saw two of the fattest pugs. It was adorable and alarming.
I told him that he needs to assert himself more if he wants to meet more attractive fellas and go on dates with them and stuff. He responded in typical Ivry fashion: an ear-shattering high pitched welp. I don't get how he does it. "Perfect," I said.
We drank pumpkin spice coffees and talked with Casey and Rob about going on tour next summer. Mostly they talked about going on tour next summer while I came up with excuses to go with them. My secret Penny Lane ambitions. Except I won't be blonde. I'll be printing their merch and backing vocals? Fun.

We are compiling a list of all the creepy things Stephen says that he doesn't realize sounds creepy because bless his heart, this kid is just too dang innocuous. The top of which would be: "How drunk are you?" [said whilst sidling up to KHawk in the saucy way he does]

Speaking of lists: here's the collection of mugs I've nicked from diners and cafes worldwide (mostly in the tri-state area). It's just about ready for an elaborately mismatched tea party.

The other day at work, the guitarist from 30 Seconds to Mars (The only reason I am familiar with that band is because it is somewhat common knowledge that Jared Leto, of My So-Called Life angsty infamy, is the front man) came in and pretty much bought an outfit off the mannequin. He nonchalantly mentioned that he was looking for an outfit for the Euro VMAs.
When I asked what he was going to the VMAs for, he mentioned that his band was present/receiving stuff. I don't remember. I think I was supposed to be impressed. Instead I just showed him a gray blazer he liked. I swear though, when he walked in, I half-stopped dead in my tracks.
Not because he's in a band well known for its dreamboat eye-liner-sportin front man. But because he has a striking resemblance to this one kid I took a Self Performance class with two years ago who hated his dad so much that he dedicated his final project to a performance of about how much he hates his dad. I wonder if they are related. Anyhoo, that was weird.

Other than that, this weekend was bezerk? The things that onesie gets me into...


Anonymous said...

Tomo Milicevic is his name
His sister Ivana is an actress
btw the band is up for 2 awards and presenting one

HolyshitiLoveyou said...

Who are you and why are you so knowledgeable?